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NEW: Loggia cabin window system

Infinity Cabin Concept

    • More spacious cabins - more appeal
    • Less maintenance and repair
    • Reduction of the ship’s resistance owing to the cohesive exterior facade of the ship, thanks to the loggia cabin design
    • Reduction of wind noise
    • Low construction costs
    • No extra balconies - no extra drainage
      Horizontal Sliding Window
      Horizontal Sliding Window
      Horizontal Sliding Window
      Horizontal Sliding Window


      Learn more about the function of the Loggia-Cabin window system by watching the Video-Clip!

      The innovation for more comfort, transparency and privacy in passenger cabins.

      Intelligent use of space, significant potential for cost savings and other practical benefits for passengers, shipping companies and shipyards.

      Product description

      In a conventional balcony cabin, the outdoor area can only be used in good weather conditions and at comfortable temperatures. The balcony is only available for the exterior area and limits privacy to the sides.

      The idea for a new concept starts right here. The former balcony area becomes a permanent part of the cabins and can be used, in its entirety, while maintaining privacy. Visibility and noise restrictions for neighboring cabins are eschewed. The cabins can be fitted out with high quality furniture. The concept combines the benefits of an open area with those of a large cabin.


      The new cabin type is delineated by a horizontally sectioned panoramic glass front. The upper movable pane can be lowered in front of the fixed lower pane and, together with the movable handrail, then forms a glazed balustrade. The result is a “loggia”.
      When closed, the two pane elements form a room-height, even and sealed glass facade.

      The concept ensures absolute weather resistance and provides a complete locking system. The standard frame for the window system is made from aluminum. The window system is available with a maximum width of 3000 mm and in the height of a cabin as required.

      A patent is pending for the loggia cabin concept. A prototype is available.

      Please contact us for more information and your special inquiries.