Brombach + Gess





Safe & light

    • High pressure load with thinner glass construction
    • Weight-reducing
    • All insulation and solar-filter coatings are available

      Product description

      Brombach + Gess, in collaboration with the glass finisher Hero-Glas, has developed and licensed DUROmare laminated safety glass especially for maritime requirements. Laminated safety glass made from DUROmare can withstand higher pressure loads than a monolithic single pane. As a result, glass thicknesses can be significantly reduces, particularly where high load requirements result in glass thicknesses which are not available as single panes and therefore have to be manufactured as laminated glass.



      DUROmare is tested in accordance with the ISO 614 standard directives and is certified by the DNV GL classification company.

      This results in beneficial properties for shipyards and shipping companies:


      The thickness of the glass and thus the total weight of a glazing unit can be significantly reduced with DUROmare.

      Solar-filtering and heat protection requirements as well as sophisticated insulation can be factored into the DUROmare glass.

      In the following example, we compare standard insulating glass with solar-filtering and heat protection properties with type 86 DUROmare glass.



      Glass technology requirements

      Glass size:     1000 x 2000 mm
      Pressure load:         20 kPA
      Air conditioning requirements:
               Solar factor g value:                42%
               Thermal conductivity u value:  1.0 W/m²k

      Properties of the standard insulating glass
      Laminated glass comprising:
      19 mm of clear tempered safety glass (ESG),

      1.52 of PVB film,
      6 mm of sunguard 52,
      16 mm of argon (air gap),

      6 mm of ESG Climaguard 1.0

      Weight:         77.5 kg/m²



      Compared with

      Properties of type 86 DUROmare glass
      Laminated glass made from
      DUROmare 86,
      16 mm argon (LZR) and
      6 mm of ESG Climaguard 1.0

      Weight:         50 kg/m²


      DUROmare glass thus achieves a weight saving of 36% in comparison with the standard insulating glass.